As a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern and author Saniyyah believes in building individuals up starting with the core, by helping them identify their purpose in life, as well as assisting them in liberating themselves from their own adverse generational cycle. The fact that she recognizes the importance of the family unit, her focus and goal is to build the family up as a whole. Saniyyah also prides herself on helping couples rekindle and maintain that special spark within their marriage. Another thing she is very passionate about is at-risk youth. Whatever the concern may be, Saniyyah commits to being there with a client 100% of the way as she and the client travel on the journey to help them heal emotionally, mentally and or spiritually.
Saniyyah Mayo License No. and State: IMF77104 California

Saniyyah’s strong interest in the social sciences led her to pursue a B.A. in Criminal Justice, in the hopes of working with at-risk youth. She took up an active role in her church’s youth ministry. These opportunities exposed her to the complexities of family life and the impact that repeated cycles of behavior can have on an individual’s psyche, even if they don’t realize it.
Recognizing the importance of the family unit as both a cause of as well as potential solution for a range of recurring social and psychological problems, Saniyyah expanded her expertise by beginning graduate study in Clinical Psychology (with a focus on marriage and family therapy) at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, CA, for which she received a Master’s degree. This further empowered Saniyyah to make a difference in the lives of families. She currently provides counseling services in Southern California.


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